First Aid Training Equipment

first aid trainer pack
Laerdel Family manikin set

We offer a range of options for trainers to purchase during our courses. Ensuring you start your First Aid training business with all the equipment you need.

Training Equipment Packages include:

  • QCPR Manikins – allowing learners to see feedback on their compressions and breaths
  • Training Automated External Defibrillator – AED’s can increase the chance of survival from 1% to 80%, and we believe all learners on a first aid course should have hands-on training, using a simulated real device.
  • Face shields and wipes – Ensure all your courses are hygienic.
  • Bandages – a mixture of medium dressings and triangular bandages for bleed and break demonstrations
  • Training Bag – Allowing you to move your equipment around safely.

Recommendations for Electronic Equipment and training aids

First Aid Training involves lots of travel, and it’s essential your equipment is suitable for this. During the course we will recommend Laptops, Projectors, and training aids such as Adreneline Auto Injectors.